Discover the most splendid defence works

Hidden behind tall trees and wild bushes are the forts of the waterline. Go on a journey of discovery across five defence lines and pedal through 2,000 years of military history in the Province of Utrecht during three weekend tours ranging from 100 to 125 km, which you can also enjoy during the week, of course.

The tours run along marked cycling routes and are therefore easy to follow. Book a nice hotel, stay at a B&B or pitch your tent at a fort along the way. You’ll immerse yourself in our centuries-long battle against the enemy, in which water played a leading role.

Explore the waterlines - with a Weekend Tour

Cycle through stunning natural scenery, immerse yourself in 2,000 years of military history, discover the exciting stories behind the waterline forts and enjoy a tasty ‘fort beer’ along the way.

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