Things to do

The Utrecht region has many stories to tell. Discover all of them here

  • Castles & Country Estates

    The Utrecht region is home to several glorious castles and country estates that are known across the country. These magnificent examples of power and splendour are situated in the most scenic places in the landscape.

    Discover their rich history
    Castles & Country Estates
  • Dutch Waterlines

    You will find military heritage in many places around the region, in particular the various water defence lines, which are definitely worth visiting.

    Visit the New Dutch Waterline
    Dutch Waterlines
  • De Stijl

    The artists Rietveld and Mondriaan are permanently connected to the Utrecht region through unique museums and numerous hiking and cycling routes.

    Discover De Stijl
    De Stijl
  • Traditional Dutch Crafts & Trades

    In addition to nature, this region also provides plenty of opportunities to experience traditional Dutch crafts and trades.

    Dive into history
    Traditional Dutch Crafts & Trades
  • City Trip

    Utrecht and Amersfoort are exciting cities! Sit yourself down at an outdoor café, go shopping in trendy boutiques or discover the pulsating cultural heart of the region. 

    Take a city trip
    City Trip
  • The Middle Ages

    During this period, a number of towns and cities in the region grew into what they are now, and the medieval remnants can still be found in the historic city centres.

    Step back in time
    The Middle Ages