What to do in the Utrecht Region

The Utrecht Region has many stories to tell – discover them all here! Have you always wanted to feel like a famous resident (or visitor) of a castle or country estate? Prefer to immerse yourself in the history of the Utrecht Region in the Middle Ages? Or would you rather go shopping and pay a visit to a city like Utrecht or Amersfoort? You can do it all in the Utrecht Region. Dive into the history of the Waterlines, experience authentic Old Dutch trades and crafts, or follow in the footsteps of Rietveld and Mondriaan as you explore De Stijl. We have gathered all the best stories in one place, just for you. Choose your theme and discover the most picturesque locations, the best walking and cycling routes and the most exciting hidden gems of the Utrecht Region.

Discover the unique stories of the Utrecht Region

  • Castles

    The Utrecht Region is home to a number of lovely castles and country estates that are famous throughout the Netherlands. These opulent symbols of power and material wealth occupy the most scenic spots in the landscape.

    Discover the rich history
  • Cycling

    Military heritage can be found at many locations in the region – the various Waterlines in particular are an absolute must-see.

    Enjoy fresh air and natural beauty
  • De Stijl

    Rietveld and Mondriaan are two artists with an inextricable link to the Utrecht Region, thanks to the unique museums and various cycling and walking routes which feature them. 

    Discover De Stijl
    De Stijl
  • Old Dutch trades and crafts

    This region offers opportunities to experience not only nature but also traditional trades and crafts.

    Immerse yourself in history
    Old Dutch trades and crafts
  • City trip

    Utrecht, Amersfoort and the region’s other cities are abuzz with activities! Grab a seat at a patio café, do a bit of shopping in hip shops or explore the vibrant cultural heart of the region.

    Visit a city
    City trip
  • The Middle Ages

    During this period, a number of places in the region developed into what they are today – and medieval ruins can still be seen today in the historical city centres.

    Travel back in time
    The Middle Ages