Discover Utrecht region

  • Utrecht

    Utrecht is a city that inspires and is constantly in motion, and where so much is being created. 

    Discover Utrecht
  • Utrechtse Heuvelrug

    Go for a bike ride in nature in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, attend an event or discover the area's military history and cultural heritage. 

    Discover the Heuvelrug
    Utrechtse Heuvelrug
  • The Green Heart

    Expansive meadows, peat bogs, lovely ponds, lakes and rivers, historic villages and cities, forts and farmsteads. That is the Green Heart of Holland!

    Discover the Green Heart
    The Green Heart
  • NIeuwegein

    Discover the young, dynamic city Nieuwegein with a surprisingly rich history, where old and new merge.

    Discover Nieuwegein
  • Spakenburg

    A contemporary village with authentic character. Discover the warm culture and age-old customs in combination with modern-day shops and eateries.

    Discover Spakenburg
  • Amersfoort

    Multifaceted historic city in the middle of the Netherlands, with numerous monuments that practically breathe history. 

    Discover Amersfoort
  • Kromme Rijn region

    Country estates, expansive nature, orchards, the Kromme Rijn River, meadows, cultural history and the floodplains along the Lek River.

    Discover the Kromme Rijn region
    Kromme Rijn region
  • Vecht region

    Together, the municipalities form a beautiful and diversified whole. Enjoy the opportunities for water recreation and active outings such as cycling, hiking or sailing.

    Discover Vecht region
    Vecht region

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