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Sights worth seeing

  • Spakenburg Harbour Museum

    The Old Harbour, also known as the Harbour Museum, dates back to the 13th century. This harbour was built for the ships operated by the Zuiderzee fishermen.

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    Spakenburg Harbour Museum
  • Spakenburg Museum

    In addition to fishing, there was also a thriving farming community. The history of both Spakenburg and Bunschoten is presented as one cohesive whole in this contemporary museum.

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    Spakenburg Museum
  • Shipyard

    Around the shipyard, you can see the old wooden fishing boats that are still used for recreational purposes. This fleet of botters, as they are called in Dutch, is the largest in the world!

  • Fish auction

    In your mind, you can hear the horn sound, which means the auction is open. The auctioneer weighs the fish on the scales and starts the auction. 

    Fish auction
  • Traditional costume and fishing museum

    Do you want to know everything there is to know about the traditional costume? The museum volunteers who personally used to dress in traditional costume back in the day will give you all of the details.

  • Flour mill De Hoop

    It's all about the wind. Flour mill de Hoop operates every Wednesday and Saturday, provided there is enough wind at full force.

  • Marinas

    There are two marinas near the centre: De Nieuwe Haven and Nieuwboer marina. You can moor your boat here for a day.