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The Dutch countryside has always attracted interest in Europe. One reason was that landownership, as well as owning a castle, tended to be an exclusive privilege of the nobility in other countries in the 17th and 18th centuries. In the Utrecht region, many burghers who had made their fortunes in business owned property and historic country estates. This was enough to spark the interest of travelling nobility. 

Royalty, Hollywood stars and literary luminaries have all stayed in the beautiful castles and country estates of the Utrecht region. Although the well-maintained structures were originally built for the Dutch nobility, they have provided accommodation for a variety of famous guests throughout the centuries. Nowadays, many Dutch castles and country estates are open to the public for tours and visits, allowing you to discover the secrets of these castles.

Did you know that you can have your wedding at many of the castles?​

Follow the footsteps of royalty, nobility and film stars

Belle van Zuylen

This emancipated woman famously said 'I have no talent for submission' – a bold statement in her day.

Discover Zuylen Castle

Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard

King Louis Napoleon

The first king of the Netherlands and the most famous resident of Museum Oud Amelisweerd.

Willem Adriaan van Nassau

Kaiser Wilhelm II