City profiles

  • Montfoort

    With its origins as a medieval town, Montfoort still preserves many historic buildings to this day, such as the old town hall incorporating the IJsselpoort gate, and Montfoort Castle.

  • Woerden

    Woerden was established in Roman times but changed considerably during the Middle Ages. In the twelfth century it became a fortified city with its own moat, ramparts and canals.

  • Oudewater

    With the old town centre still perfectly intact, Oudewater retains its medieval character. Historically, this city was reputed to be a heathen enclave, where between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries inhabitants were charged with paganism and witchcraft.

  • IJsselstein

    IJsselstein was a thriving centre in the late Middle Ages, but after centuries of feuding with Utrecht, IJsselstein was eventually levelled by its neighbour. Besieged repeatedly, the year 1511 finally brought a truce.


Discover the Medieval Gems

  • Stedehuys in Woerden

    Woerden's civic museum is established in the old town hall, still called the Stedehuys. This grand building dates back to 1501 and offers plenty to explore both inside and out. Its most important room was the sheriff and aldermen's chamber, where cases were heard and judged. The old pillory on which offenders were shamed on the building's façade is a relic of this court function and can still be seen outside.

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    Stedehuys in Woerden
  • Witches’ Weigh House in Oudewater

    Oudewater's most important historic building is the old weigh house, or ‘Waag’. For hundreds of years, people have been coming to the Oudewater weigh house to be weighed on the ancient scales and obtain an official certificate testifying that their weight is ‘normal’. In the days when people could be charged with witchcraft, this was a matter of life and death. Even today, the so-called Witches’ Weigh House (Heksenwaag) occupies pride of place in picturesque Oudewater and promises a historic experience!

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    Witches’ Weigh House in Oudewater
  • Woerden Castle

    Over the centuries, this castle played a pivotal role in Woerden's civic history. From a grand home for leading local families to a military hospital, Woerden Castle has always been a safe haven for guests. Today, this tradition continues. As the city's most impressive historic building, it offers a unique venue for all kinds of festive gatherings and functions. On weekends, come enjoy a sumptuous High Tea, High Wine or High Beer.

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    Woerden Castle
  • Old Town Hall | Montfoort

    Montfoort's old municipal town hall and the IJsselpoort – the city's only surviving gate – form a single structure. Erected in 1375, this town hall was one of the Netherlands’ first and is the oldest building in Montfoort!

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    Old Town Hall | Montfoort
  • Montfoort Castle

    Montfoort Castle is the jewel of this city. The beautiful remains of the original castle are now a national heritage site and a venue for parties, gatherings and elegant lunches and dinners.

    Montfoort Castle
  • Historic town hall in IJsselstein

    Originally commissioned by William of Orange, this historic town hall and the square in front form the heart of medieval IJsselstein. William of Orange provided 1,300 guilders to finance the building, in return receiving an annuity up until his death in 1584. These days, the great hall is hired out for weddings, conferences and other functions.

    Historic town hall in IJsselstein