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Top attractions

  • Old St. Nicolaaskerk

    This church was built in 1310 and is one of the loveliest in the Netherlands. The tower, designed by the Italian architect Pasqualini, is the oldest and first Renaissance structure north of the Alps.

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    Old St. Nicolaaskerk
  • St. Nicolaasbasiliek

    This basilica in Neo-Gothic style was built during 1885 – 1887 according to a design by architect Alfred Tepe.

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    St. Nicolaasbasiliek
  • Flour mill De Windotter

    Standing on the southern corner of the rampart of old IJsselstein, this flour mill highlights the town's cultural-historic background.

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    Flour mill De Windotter
  • Castle tower

    The monumental Loyertoren tower is a remnant of the once-renowned IJsselstein castle.

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    Castle tower
  • Historic town hall

    This splendid jewel of IJsselsein was built around 1560 by order of William of Orange, Baron of IJsselstein, who also provided the funding for construction.

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    Historic town hall
  • Museum IJsselstein

    Museum IJsselstein (MIJ) wants to make that which is close by special, and to bring that which is special close by. MIJ entices and enriches. The focus is on encounters, bringing together art and culture, IJsselstein and the world, big and small.

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    Museum IJsselstein
  • Marnemoende marina

    Marnemoende is a great starting point to explore the Utrechtse Waarden (Utrecht forelands) on foot, by bike or by boat.

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    Marnemoende marina
  • World's largest Christmas tree

    The striking Gerbrandytoren tower in IJsselstein can be seen from all over the region, and is transformed into the world's largest Christmas tree during the winter holidays.

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    World's largest Christmas tree
  • Sailing through the past

    IJsselstein looks surprisingly different from the water. Take a cruise during the weekend with Lady Berthe and Lord Gijsbrecht past the most scenic places.

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    Sailing through the past
  • Guided city walk

    If you would like to learn more about the secrets of the most cherished fortified town in the Netherlands, go on a guided city walk through the historic centre.

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    Guided city walk