Cotton printing press


De Katoendrukkerij in de Volmolen
Plantsoen Noord 2
3811 GH Amersfoort
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Europe’s first cotton printing press began work in Amersfoort in the 17th century. Cotton printing, also known as block printing, is the process of stamping patterns on paper or fabric with hand-made wooden block prints. This printing technique requires extreme precision and concentration. Did you know that this craft has the status of intangible heritage?

In 1678, the first block-printing workshop in Europe was established in Amersfoort. This technique was brought to the Netherlands by the VOC, the Dutch East India Company, at that time. Block printing, or katoendrukken in Dutch, is one of the oldest techniques for printing on paper and fabric. Discover block printing for yourself at De Katoendrukkerij in the Volmolen.

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