Woerden 650 years

Woerden is the capital of the Green Heart of Holland. The beating heart, where city and countryside meet. Where cows graze and cheeses are made. A city where a unique, open landscape sits side-by-side with a contemporary, historical city centre. This hidden fortified city with more than 2,000 years of history is the cultural hub of the region. It’s a historic place, where you sense the warmth and dedication of its people everywhere. Headstrong surrounded.

The Romans, the castle, the fortress, the Stadshotel, the Old Dutch Waterline and Defence island bear witness to a past full of amazing stories, such as the obtaining of city status, 650 years ago. This city status is being widely celebrated in 2022 with an unforgettable year of special activities and events for young and old around the theme of the historic icon, the Rode Ruiter (Red Rider).

Experience the history of Woerden and learn all about the Rode Ruiter.

For more information and activities, check out www.beleefwoerden.com or visit Woerden tourist information office, Emmakade 6a.