Tour Vreeswijk and Vianen

(9.0 km)

The walking route starts at TOP Ponthoeve, at the Vianen pancake farm of the same name. You first take the ferry to Vreeswijk. A former village from the 9th century, later an outer port of the city of Utrecht that was reinforced with fortifications. Nowadays Vreeswijk is part of the municipality of Nieuwegein. However, the historic character was preserved. After a walk through Vreeswijk you can take the foot/bicycle ferry back to Vianen to continue your walk through the historic city center.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Zomerdijk 4
4132 AE Vianen
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Voorstraat 2
4132 AR Vianen
Buitenstad 69
4132 AB Vianen
End point: Zomerdijk 4
4132 AE Vianen
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