The Grebbelinie

2 hour 59 minutes (50.9 km)

The Grebbelinie was a forward defence line of the Dutch Water Line and goes through the valley in Gelderland from the Lower Rhine by the Grebbeberg in Rhenen. It goes along the valley canal and the river Eem to the Zuiderzee, which is now the IJsselmeer.

You can download this cycling route on your GPS device. It is also available in the Fiestroutes door Amersfoort en Omstreken booklet which you can buy at the tourist office in Amersfoort for €4.95.

Are you not in possession of a bike? It is possible to rent bikes at one of the bike rental agencies in Amersfoort or in the surrounding area.

Sights on this route

Starting point: VVV Amersfoort, Breestraat 1
3811 BH Amersfoort
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Breestraat 1
3811 BH Amersfoort


Hagenouwselaan 0 0
3831 JP Leusden

Museum Bunker Leusden

Langesteeg 2 A
3831 RZ Leusden
Museum Bunker Leusden

Teahouse Mon-Chouette

Leusbroekerweg 25
3831 JZ Leusden
Teahouse Mon-Chouette

Treek-Henschoten Estate

Treekerweg 11
3832 RS Leusden
Treek-Henschoten Estate
End point: De Kei, Arnhemsestraat 28
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