Fort Blauwkapel

Fort Blauwkapel is one of the largest forts of the Waterline and was built around an existing village. The fort owes its name to the chapel of this village. The 19th century fort (1818-1821) has a quadrangular basic shape with an extension in each corner (bastion). Around 1850 the bombproof guardhouse was built on the reduit (last retreat if the rest of the fort had already fallen). Two more bombproof barracks were added later, one of which remains.

Visiting Fort Blauwkapel
The western part of Fort Blauwkapel is open as a recreational area for the public. In the recreation area in the northwestern part of the fort you can find hiking trails, a picnic area and a jetty on the water. The barracks can be rented for parties up to 150 people.