Traditional Dutch crafts and trades

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Fish auction

In your mind, you can hear the horn sound, which means the auction is open. The auctioneer weighs the fish on the scales and starts the auction. 

Cheese warehouse Woerden

The cheese warehouse called Kaaspakhuis Woerden is the place where all things cheese come together. Learn, look, taste and more.

Glass Museum

At the National Glass Museum, you can watch glass-blowers create the most beautiful objects from hot, liquid glass.


At the Tabaksteeltmuseum, or Tobacco Cultivation Museum, tobacco fields transport you to the times of tobacco cultivation.

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Brewery De Drie Ringen

The first time that Amersfoort beer was ever mentioned was in 1323.

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Flourmill De Windotter

Flourmill De Windotter is one of the largest mills in the Netherlands and has been operating since its restoration was completed in 1987.

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