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Traditional Dutch crafts and trades

Visit the hotspots

  • The Windotter windmill

    There's more to being a miller than making sure the mill's sails are turning. It takes knowledge and insight into the technical aspects, operation and maintenance of the mill and how it is influenced by the weather. 

  • Cheese warehouse Woerden

    YCheesemaking is a complex process requiring plenty of know-how and experience. Acidifying, renneting, cutting, pressing, brining and turning. Your guide will be happy to explain all this during a visiting to Cheese Experience in Woerden Cheese Warehouse.

  • Spakenburg museum harbour

  • Rock City Brewing brewery

  • Cotton printing press

  • Doorn sheep flock

  • De Vriendschap windmill

  • Keuris distillery

  • Glass studio

  • Rope museum

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