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A walk with the only polder ranger in the Netherlands

The polderwachter (polder ranger) is a walking work of art by visual artist Marcel Blekendaal. He is a forest ranger without a forest; instead, he has meadows. The polder ranger goes for walks in the polder, in wooden clogs, with a fen pole. As a visual artist, he works on the visualisation of the polder. Not with objects, not with paintings, but with wonderful, exciting stories and an occasional impressive activity, such as the perennially popular intensive course in ditch vaulting. Your understanding of the polder will never be the same after this walk.

The polder ranger is based at Fort Maarsseveen, but he leads walks throughout the entire country. 

Excursion tip: go sailing with cruise operator Schuttevaer, from Utrecht along the majestic Vecht River, and pay a visit to Zuylen castle!

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