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Top 5 cycling routes

Cycling in the Vecht region means cycling through scenic nature, along the most beautiful river in the Netherlands and through picturesque villages and fortified towns. Discovering the Vecht region by bike means enjoying tranquillity, history, nature and water to the fullest. Some parts are easier to reach by bike than by car, and some can only be accessed by bike (or on foot).

  • Windmill route

    This route travels along the banks of the Angstel River, the picturesque town of Gein and the rural, northern part of the Vecht River. You will encounter ten windmills along the way, most of which are draining mills and flour mills.

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  • Country Estates route

    This route visits the country estates between Loenen and Oud-Zuylen. It covers everything associated with the phenomenon of the country estate along the way.

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