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Top 5 walking routes

Hotspots city tour

2000 years of history in Utrecht! Something you will experience during a city tour through Utrecht. The whole summer long a hotspots city tour will be organized with an experienced cityguide. Even for citizens of Utrecht the tour will be surprising and fun. Mysterious alleyways, beautiful courts, the Dom square, Paushuize and unique stories about a city that's full of history.

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Trajectum Lumen Tour

Go on a midnight stroll past artistically-lit locations through Utrecht’s historical city centre. Every Saturday night, an experienced guide will show you the most beautiful light art. On this cultural city walk you will learn all sorts of things about the art, the mysterious story of Luman and, of course, about the city itself.

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Canals and Wharf Cellars walk

Utrecht's canals with their wharves and cellars are unique in the world. These remarkable structures were built in the Middle Ages on the initiative of private individuals. The transport and storage of commodities brought considerable prosperity to Utrecht. Nowadays, the canals and wharves are a tourist attraction. Each canal has its own atmosphere and characteristics.

Walking around Medieval Utrecht

Utrecht was one of the first cities to be granted a charter in the Netherlands. Consequently, it is a city with a long history, which you can see reflected in all of the beautiful buildings that have been preserved in Utrecht's historic city centre. Get acquainted with this vibrant city on foot.

Museum Quarter walk

Walking around Utrecht's city centre is a highly varied walk by definition. The look of the city constantly changes, as you will notice during this walk. In this part of the city, the different forms of housing really stand out. People live in everything from stately mansions on the canals to relatively small, centuries-old rooms and newer homes that were built during the period of urban renewal at the end of the 20th century.