Vrijstad Vianen

Top 10 highlights

The old city centre

Vianen was initially established as a fortified town. This is still reflected today in its street pattern, city walls and the Lekpoort gate. Would you like to take a historical city walk through Vianen? Book one of our guides and experience its rich past.

Stedelijk Museum Vianen

The stately historical listed building where the city museum, Stedelijk Museum Vianen, is located features exhibitions based on the museum collection, cultural heritage and contemporary artists.

The Hofpoort

Vianen city centre is surrounded by a city wall which still has a cannon with cannonballs standing atop it.

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Fort Everdingen

The Lekpoort

. The Lekpoort is the only city gate still remaining after parts of the city wall and gates were demolished in the 19th century.

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Cheese farm Van Rossum

The uiterwaarden, the flood plains

Between the River Lek and Vianen lie the beautiful river flood plains, called uiterwaarden in Dutch. Today it is the Middelwaard nature reserve and recreation area.

City hall

Above the entrance to the city hall, the words ‘Audi (et) alteram partem’ are inscribed, or 'Listen to the other party too'. Its facade displays various coats of arms.

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Hagestein barrage

The Hagestein barrage and sluice structure is the most downstream barrage of three which regulate water levels in the rivers Nederrijn and Lek to make them navigable.

Grote kerk Vianen

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